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BZ Pro Coil Bodyboard Leash

BZ Pro Coil Bodyboard Leash

Item #FS-001783
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Item Description

Your basic high performance coiled bodyboard leash constructed of heavy-duty urethane with nylon straps padded with neoprene. These leashes are built to hold up in most wave conditions and the coils keep the leash close to the board and free from drag at all times. Another bonus feature of these leashes is the detachable Velcro rail saver, which allows riders to take off and put on their leash with ease.

  • Helps reduce the risk of losing your board
  • Swivel connections with detachable Velcro rail saver
  • Heavy-Duty Urethane Coil Cord
  • Comfortable Nylon, neoprene padded strap
  • Super Strong Velcro fastener